Lee Sainsbury
Lee Sainsbury
Owner / Photographer
Welcome to Oxygen Photography

Lee first got the photography bug when he was around twelve years old after he was given a Kodak 110 camera as a present.
For those who don’t remember, the camera used a small film cartridge onto which you could shoot a massive 24 photos!
You'd then send the film cartridge off to Trueprint (remember them) or take them into Boots to be processed.

After a week or two, your photos would be delivered in an envelope along with the negatives.
The anticipation of waiting to see your photos was sometimes short lived when you’d get the inventible oval sticker on the photos – “Out of focus”, “Too Dark” etc.
Since then, Lee has gone through many camera formats and the photography has improved!

His passion is photographing people, music and events. Fortunately, these go hand-in-hand. The images serve as a record of the show or event for the artists and the crowd who attended the concert or event.

Over the last few years, he has been involved with many events and shot a number of music festivals. These have ranged from small events and festivals, through to shooting in photography pit of 20,000 seat arenas like The O2 in London and The Barclaycard Arena - now rebranded as the Birmingham Arena.

Lee is very comfortable and adaptable for any given situation and has excellent people management skills which enable him to obtain the best shots.

Photography requires skill, an eye for detail, anticipation and an element of luck. Combine these and you are sure to get some great images!



Why photograph your event?

Photographing your event serves as a record of your hard work which you’ve spent weeks, months or perhaps years planning.

When it’s all over, all that remains are memories…and photographs, and these images serve as a historical record of your event.

Contact me to discuss your event and what I can offer you.

Gigs, Music & Bands

Calling all bands, artists, performers, promoters and venue managers!

Artists / Bands: Do you want some great images of your performance to use on your social media / website?

Venues: Do you want some great images of bands performing in your venue or need some images to promote your venue?

Promoters: Do you want some great images of your artists / bands performing and need images to promote them?

Contact me to discuss your requirements!

General Photography

Do you have a product that requires high-quality images so you can display the product on a website?

You can just shoot it with mobile phone can’t you? Yes you can, but you won’t get the best shots to display the item at it’s best.

Contact me to discuss your requirements so you can get the best possible images of your products.

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